Preparing students for broad career opportunities in business and finance by equipping them with necessary skills, knowledge, and experiences. 

     The Academy of Finance Program at Sanderson High school is a member program of the National Academy of Finance. The National Academy Foundation (NAF) is an acclaimed national network of high school career academies, predominantly based in urban district-schools within schools with rigorous, career-themed curricula, created with current industry and educational expertise. Each year, the National Academy Foundations serves more than 50,000 students in over 500 academies in 41 states through the Academy of Finance, the Academy of Engineering, the Academy of Hospitality & Tourism, and the Academy of Information Technology. Sanderson's achieved a record of 100% graduation rates and 100% of these graduates going on to college, garnering the support of corporations, public policy makers, and local businesses. 

     The Academy of Finance program at Sanderson High School introduces students to broad career opportunities in the financial service industry and in the process equip students to build a strong financial foundation and make sound choices for their future. Sanderson High School currently has 175 members in their Academy of Finance program. One of the most important aspects of the Academy of Finance program is the Internship program. This is where students ware required to work in an are of Business or Finance program under the professional guidance of our business leaders teaching students and enhancing the information learned in the student's classrooms. 

The paid internship provides benefits for all stakeholders especially the students, and the business partners providing the position. 

Student Benefit:

There are many benefits to participating in the NAF Internship - not only for you but for the employer as well. Just to name a few, you will:

  • Use the skills and information learned in the NAF curriculum

  • Learn the importance of good attendance, punctuality, and efficiency

  • Apply both technical and interpersonal skills

  • Earn money

  • Gain references for college applications

  • Make contacts for future jobs

Corporate Benefit:

When businesses invest in internships, they are investing in futures. It's a great way to give back to the community. By supporting internships for NAF students, businesses can take a direct role in schools:

  • By offering educational enhancements and a bridge to the business and professional world for students

  • By helping to shape a new generation of worldly, diverse, highly-trained and versatile professionals

  • By utilizing temporary employees during critical periods

  • By selecting from knowledgeable students

  • By recruiting future employees

  • By contributing to public school education

  • By helping create a motivated, educated workforce

A Typical NAF Internship:

  • Lasts six to ten weeks

  • Pays at least the current national minimum wage (pay will vary depending on industry and location)

  • Provides the intern with a workplace supervisor who will guide the student through the work experience

  • Offers the intern opportunities to learn about many aspects of the business

  • Challenges the intern to think and solve problems

  • Enhances the work experience with professional development seminars or meetings

  • Utilizes skills learned in special Academy courses, as well as specific knowledge of the industry and its components

  • Includes pre-internship preparation activities and post-internship instruction connected to student work experiences

Would your business be willing to host an intern for the Academy of Finance?

Academy of Finance Director:

Chad Collins


Academy of Finance

Established in 1982, NAF strives to solve some of the biggest challenges facing education and the economy by bringing education, business, and community leaders together to transform the high school experience. 

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AOF Director: Chad Collins

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