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Business Partners

With the support of businesses in our community students will leave high school with the tools they need to enter the professional world. If your company is interested in giving back to the community and this program, we welcome your support.

Host an Intern

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Hosting an intern is both beneficial to the student and the business. The student gains real-world experience in a field of interest, while the business gains a hard worker and is able to help foster the leaders of tommorow. 

Become a Sponsor

For companies who are interested in helping students towards their future, but don't have as much time, sponsoring is a great way to support the program. Various options are listed in the PDF to make supporting the program the most suitable to your company.

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Join our Advisory Board

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The Advisory Board promotes partnerships between businesses and public high schools and works with the Academy Director in providing academy tasks.

If your business is interested in giving back to this program or has further questions, email our Academy Director.

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