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FEBRUARY 28 thru APRIL 11, 2024

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What is the Academy of Finance?

The Academy of Finance is a four year program for students attending Sanderson High School. Within school you take classes such as business ethics, personal finance, and accounting to teach you skills that will enable you with an advantage into the professional world and learn basic "adulting" skills such as managing your money. Outside of your AOF electives you travel in a cohort of around 60 kids of Academy students in your grade. You take English and Social Studies or Healthful Living classes together, creating a close-knit group of students and life-long friends. Outside of the classroom, students take field trips to businesses in the area, larger trips to places such as New York City in their Junior and Senior years, complete job shadows, and an internship, allowing you to gain real-world experience and connections before you even leave high school. At the conclusion of your four years in the Academy, you graduate with a NAF certification, credits at Wake Tech, a local community college, and tools that give you a competitive advantage into the professional world.

Hear it from students:

What does the Academy mean to me?

Kendall Carr

Class of 2023

Gwen Hollingsworth

Class of 2021

William Bishop

Class of 2020

What is expected of you as a member of AOF?

In addition to maintaining a pristine record and good grades, you will also be expected to fundraise, attend educational "lunch and learns", and complete your NAF requirements.  All all of these programs are to the students benefit, allowing them to continue their learning outside of the classroom. All proceeds from fundraisers go back to the students, enabling the Academy to buy food for lunch and learns, pay for a portion of large field trips, and grow other programs to aid the students for their future. Attached below is the curriculum for Academy students throughout their four years, so you can see what classes are required of you.


If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us. You can email our Academy Director, Chad Collins, or our student account to get more information from someone who is currently in the program.

Get more information from a student:

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Get more information from the Academy Director:

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