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Want to see more of what is happening in the Academy?

View our photo album or connect with us on Instagram and Twitter.

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Instagram: @SHSAOF

Twitter: @SHS_AOF

View the ledger and calendar below for monthly updates.

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Join Remind to stay updated!

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Get the app or text the corresponding code to 81010:

Class of 2027 Parents: @AOF2027p

Class of 2027 Students: @AOF2027s

Class of 2026 Parents: @AOF2026p

Class of 2026 Students: @AOF2026s

Class of 2025 Parents: @AOF2025p

Class of 2025 Students: @AOF2025s

Class of 2024 Parents: @AOF2024p

Class of 2024 Students: @AOF2024s

If you have any questions, reach out to our Academy Director.

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